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Classes offered by Lavenpine
A Thunder Gourd is a hand-held percussion instrument that is made out of a gourd, with a spring attached to the drumhead.  When the gourd is shaken, it creates vibrations that are amplified through the drumhead into the gourd.  The impressive result is a sound like a thunder storm! No two gourds sound alike.
This interesting wall basket was originally used to dry herbs. Sometimes called an   elbow basket or Choctaw pouch, it is created with a plaiting weave.  Once you learn this technique you will be able to weave with many different flat plant materials such as palm leaves and New Zealand flax.
Let yourself go with Random Weave!  This weave allows you to create a freeform basket or sculpture.  It begins with a frame and then the weavers are woven back and forth in a random manner in any way you choose.  The shape of this basket will be uniquely yours!  You will have an opportunity to incorporate local botanicals and embellishments into your basket. 
In this workshop you will learn how to clean, shape, and prepare a small gourd for use as decorative bowl.  Coiling techniques will also be taught and we will weave a fun and interesting rim on your gourd.  Participants will be able to complete a small gourd bowl.
Gourds make excellent birdhouses and bird feeders.  In this class you will create a colorful birdhouse or birdfeeder. You will also learn the basics of cavity and hole-size requirements for different species of cavity-nesting birds so you attract the birds you like.    Class flyer will be downloaded when you click on link.